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The First Picture


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The way I see it is that no matter how good you are at something there is always space to improve. The first photo I published to social media is the one above, I took it whilst I was staying in a villa with my family in the mountains of Toscana, Italy. It was around 7Pm and the sun started to set, so I decided to quickly get my canon 60D and go outside. I walked around for about 7 minutes before seeing a dandelion and decided to try and take a deep, meaningful photograph that once being posted on Instagram would be captioned ‘let the sun guide your way’ or something like that. As soon as i brought down the camera to ground level a strong wind brushed past me and blew the seeds off the dandelion. Subconsciously I pressed down my fingers and took what seemed to be the best picture I ever captured! This led to me continuing photography and learning more about this ‘technological eye’ that man kind has created. 1 week after posting the picture to Instagram, I deleted it because I felt as if it didn’t get enough likes (being 11 at the time this was my logic). Later on I posted it again to my Instagram account leaving it be until today.

I think this should be a reasonable way to start my blog, and hopefully I will be able to carry on posting more pictures and stories.

instagram: @camera_ariel